Wie Time under Tension Dein Muskelwachstum beeinflusst

How Time under Tension affects your muscle growth

One of the main reasons to strength train regularly is to grow muscle. There are numerous methods and measures you can use to achieve this. But an excellent indicator of successful strength training is time under tension:

How muscle growth happens

Protein biosynthesis plays a unique role in muscle building. Put simply, it is about building up new protein compounds in the muscles. On the one hand, this happens in two ways through nutrition, but above all through regular and sufficiently intensive strength training. The decisive factor for the growth stimulus is: 

  • The duration of the tension in which the muscle is trained, i.e., the time under tension. 
  • Research shows that time under tension is more important for training success. 
  • In fact, the time your muscles are under tension determines your training success.
Time under tension
The duration of the tension can influence training success (ⓒ: adpic)

The time under tension briefly explained

Time under tension, or TUT for short, is about the trained muscle's optimal tension duration during a set. It is essential to maintain tension during a movement repetition. If you put weight on or off, this tension is lost and the training effect. In most strength exercises, there are 3 phases of movement, which can be easily explained using the biceps curl: 

  • The concentric phase: You bend your arms and bring the weight upwards.
  • The static phase: this is the short time you hold the weight at the endpoint.
  • The eccentric phase: You lower the weight, if possible, only so far that the muscle is still under tension.  

TUT in training practice

You now have several possibilities to train your muscles with the TUT. They depend on your goals. You can orientate yourself on the following factors: 

  • die Zeit der Spannung in Sekunden
  • the number of repetitions in an exercise
  • training until muscle failure

If you want to train according to the TUT method, it depends on your training goals. Here are the best tips:

  • If you are looking for maximum strength and strength building, 4 to 5 repetitions with 20 to 40 seconds of tension are necessary. The weight or resistance should be at 90 percent of repetition maximum. Maximalkraft betragen.
  • If you are looking for hypertrophy, i.e., muscle growth, 8 to 12 repetitions with 40 to 60 seconds of tension are ideal. You should train with 80 percent of your repetition maximum. Maximalkraft trainieren.
  • To improve strength endurance, 15 to 30 repetitions and a tensioning time of 60 to 100 seconds are advisable. Here, 60 to 70 percent of your repetition maximum is sufficient. Maximalkraft.

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