Warum gesunde Füße auch für den Rücken wichtig sind

Why healthy feet are also important for the back

They are a real masterpiece, consisting of 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles, and 114 ligaments. In the course of a lifetime, they carry us 120 000 kilometers, three times worldwide. But still, we pay far too little attention to them. Healthy feet are enormously essential for us to:  

Healthy feet at birth

Sad but true: 98 percent of all newborns see the light of day with healthy feet. But unfortunately, this state of affairs does not last. Studies show that more than half of all adults in industrialized countries suffer from health problems with their feet. And what many people underestimate is that if there is something wrong with your feet, it can quickly get on your back:   

  • Everything in the body is somehow connected. This also applies to the foot muscles. Because it belongs to the stabilization system of the deep muscles of the back.
  • If there is something wrong with the feet, they absorb fewer stimuli. This is at the expense of their perceptive faculty and thus their ability to balance their muscles. 
  • The weaker the muscle balance ability, the weaker the deep muscles.  
  • Experts estimate that around 80 percent of all back pain is due to the fact that the deep muscles are too weak.

The right shoes are a big problem

Too tight, too wide, too big, too small - this is a brief description of the shoes our feet have to struggle with. No wonder that they are so cramped up that sooner or later, they have to speak out painfully. But that need not be the case. You should pay attention to this when buying shoes: 

  • The toes need sufficient space and good guidance, the heel should be well enclosed.
  • This is made possible by a last that does not affect the natural shape of the foot and positively influences the natural rolling motion of the foot.
  • A flexible sole also allows for anatomically correct rolling. A stable shaft and a grippy sole provide the right grip, optimum cushioning for a corresponding sense of well-being.
gesunde Füße durch Barfußlaufen
Barfußlaufen am Strand ist für die Füße und auch für den Rücken eine Wohltat (Foto: adpic)

Healthy feet in leisure shoes

Depending on the area of application, shoes must meet further requirements. For leisure shoes and running shoes, the so-called tactile-proprioceptive stimulation of the foot's sole plays a unique role. The feet are sufficiently protected but still receive all "information" from the ground. This is important because the brain is thus regularly informed about the position, resilience, and movement of the individual body parts. The same applies to active shoes, which also have an angled sole in the forefoot and heel area. They thus support biomechanically correct or, more simply put, natural walking and running.

This is good for the feet and the back

If you want to do something good for your feet and your back, you should exercise them regularly. This is very easy, even on the side. If the temperatures and the ground allow it, walking barefoot is something our feet love. Or try writing something with your toes. Who knows, you might discover hidden talents. Walking on tiptoe now and then or balancing on a rope strengthens the entire deep muscles. It is wonderfully relaxing to roll a tennis ball or, even better, a hedgehog ball back and forth under the bare soles of your feet while sitting down. Or try rolling a towel back and forth with your toes.

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