Regelmäßiges Krafttraining ist der optimale Fettkiller

Regular strength training is the best fat killer

Es klingt ein wenig plakativ, aber es ist eine Tatsache: Nichts killt Fett besser als ein Krafttraining. Ein individuell abgestimmtes Muskelaufprogramm, konzentriert und kontinuierlich ausgeführt, ist ein äußerst effektiver und nachhaltiger Fettkiller:  

What makes extra muscle so valuable

The human body has 639 muscles, and these muscles need energy around the clock to function well. This energy is supplied by the body's fat depots. The calculation is quite simple: when the muscles react to regular training stimuli, adapt and grow, the need for fat also increases simultaneously. With every increase in strength, the body loses more fat on the same diet.  

Negative energy balance as a fat killer

You can significantly increase this fat-killing effect by maintaining a negative energy balance. In other words: If you eat fewer calories than you consume every day, the pounds will fall off. The more intensive the training, the more energy is burned in the form of fat. And logically: the more muscles are involved, the higher the so-called resting energy metabolism throughout the day and night.  

The more intensive the better

In several studies, scientists have proven that intensive strength training is more effective as a fat killer than a moderate workout. And this is true even with a smaller time commitment. Full-body exercises with relatively short breaks between sets are ideal. Necessary: Beginners and those returning to the sport should first build up a specific base before starting intensive strength training. And of course, they should get the okay from their doctor beforehand. 

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