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The sports science and medical journalism office in the german capital city

Based on an idea of my own, I work in cooperation with a large technology company on the development of Smart-Textiles for real-time motion control during fitness and strength exercises.

Together with a professional video team I produce online fitness videos for all age groups and performance levels. From short HIIT-programs to 45-minute full-body training.

Only a hobby, but quite successful. I regularly write scientifically based articles for my blogs in German and in English. 

I have been working as a medical journalist for more than 20 years. About 3000 articles in almost all major German magazines and journals have published so far.

I create press releases, press kits, brochures and whitepapers for the general public. My clients include pharmaceutical companies, clinics and professional associations.

30 books on training, fitness, health and nutrition have been published by me in several major German publishing houses. Among them bestsellers like Aqua-Fitness and Back Training. 

My name is Thorsten Dargatz, I am an exercise scientist (German Sport University Cologne) and a medical journalist with decades of experience.

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