Den Sitzmarathon mit diesen Tipps entschärfen
This helps against the sitting marathon

Defuse the sitting marathon with these tips

Far too many people in western industrialized countries sit for far too long. Either in the office or increasingly in the home office. Since changing jobs is naturally out of the question for most, other measures are necessary. With these tips, you can defuse the sitting marathon:  

The sitting marathon and its effects

Sitting for too long can have dramatic effects on your health. Studies have shown that the resulting lack of exercise significantly increases the risk of chronic diseases. This is not only true for apparent problems like back pain and obesity. Sitting marathons are also linked to cancer and diabetes.

  • With more and more people working at computers, it is not uncommon for most of us to sit between 12 and 15 hours a day.
  • Einschließlich der im Auto verbrachten Stunden und der Zeit, die wir nach der Arbeit auf der Couch verbringen.
  • Wenn man die rund 7 bis 8 Stunden Schlaf hinzurechnet, bewegen sich viele von uns täglich nur noch eine bis maximal vier  Stunden pro Tag. 

So here are the best tips on how to increase your exercise budget: 

Work standing up as often as possible

Similar to home fitness equipment, standing desks are also experiencing a boom. That's good because it's very sensible to work standing up every now and then. Height-adjustable desks are ideal, and they are no longer as expensive as they were a few years ago. If you do not yet have such furniture, you should still stand up from time to time. For example, when making phone calls or during video meetings. 

Regular alarm to stand up

Vermutlich kennen das viele aus eigener Erfahrung. Sie sind derart in die Arbeit vertieft, dass man die Zeit vergisst. Schnell sind drei Stunden im Sitzen vorbei. Wer also sicherstellen will, sich regelmäßig zu bewegen, sollte einen Alarm einrichten. Das geht ganz leicht am Computer oder Smartphone. Hilfreich auch viele Fitness-Apps, die dabei helfen sich tagsüber ausreichend zu bewegen. Täglich 10 000 Schritte sollten es sein.

It is also important to exercise regularly

If you have a sitting job, you should definitely do regular additional exercise. A combination of endurance and strength training is ideal. Two, preferably three or four times a week is best. Depending on the frequency, 30 to 60 minutes are excellent.  

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