Aktiv gegen Rückenschmerzen ist ganz einfach

Being active against back pain is very simple

The back is stiff, and the shoulders are pulled up tightly. In stressful times, many people, unfortunately, march around in the same way. The body does not take this for long. It is good that there are antidotes that are easy to implement: 

You do not have to be unhappy with your back

Several studies show that just a few simple measures are enough to do something good for your back. Here are the best tips for your everyday life: 

  • Avoid the sitting marathon and try to do as much as possible standing up. For example, telephone and video meetings.
  • When bending and lifting, always kneel with your back straight. The more often you think about it, the more this back-friendly movement becomes second nature. 
  • If you have to carry heavy loads, you should distribute them on both arms. A backpack with both straps over the shoulder is better. You should change your handbag from one shoulder to the other more often.
  • Another thing you need to get used to: Try to keep tensing your abdominal muscles when sitting and walking. This automatically keeps your back in a better upright position.
  • If you work a lot on the computer, you should do regular stretching exercises. You can also find many short videos on YouTube. 
  • Another thing worth getting used to is the conscious relaxation of the jaw. Here, too, you can find good imitation videos on YouTube under the keywords "Relax the jaw".  
  • And by far the very best measure to prevent and combat back pain: Treibe regelmäßig SportAnd by far, the best way to prevent and combat back pain is to exercise regularly. A combination of endurance, strength, and balance training is best. Two, preferably three times a week for 30 to 60 minutes is ideal.  

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