Thorsten Dargatz

I am a graduate sports scientist at the German Sports University in Cologne. My main subjects during my studies were sports medicine and training sciences. After that, I worked in clinical and ambulant rehabilitation and as a physical fitness coach in the German premier league soccer and handball.

At the same time, I received my first author contract. I enjoyed writing so much that I went into journalism, for now, more than 20 years.

Since 2010 I work part-time as a sports scientist again. For example, as a scientific freelancer at the Center for Muscle and Bone Research at the Charité Berlin and as a supervisor of elite and top athletes.

Based on an idea of my own, I now work in cooperation with a large technology company on the development of Smart-Textiles for real-time motion control during fitness and strength exercises.

Motion analysis

During scientific research I have researched, which fitness and strength exercises have the greatest effects on the muscles, bones and tendons.

Trainings programs

I create training programs for athletes of different performance levels – including internationally successful athletes – to improve their strength and endurance. 


Due to regular and numerous researches for my sports science based blog I am always up to date with the latest research.

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